Who We Are

A bit of history …

At Harry A. Starr and Son, Inc., we are proud of our history and reputation.Harry A. Starr has been in the service of our customers since 1920 as the old-fashioned vehicle in our logo implies. The business is now in its third Generation within the Starr family.The company began with Harry A. Starr who led homebuilding, additions, renovation projects. Over the years, the company shifted towards exterior products – siding roofing windows awnings, and more.

Management was passed on from father to son, Robert Starr in the 40s & 50s. Robert grew the business more and fully established themselves as siding roofing and window professionals.

Robert’s son, Jeff, came up in the ranks and began working for the company in 1976. Jeff took over the business in 1990.

When a business grows for three generations and over 85 years, we would like to think that speaks volumes. We are a small business who enjoys long term relationship with our community. We are happy with the size of our company and choose not to become so big that we lose that personal touch. For you, the customer, you can rest assured that when the job is done, we will still be here, your neighbors, at your service!